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Where Trees Speak and Signals Fade: A Reflection on Work from Home Challenges and Internet Connectiv

Living in the countryside has brought me peace 🌳, but not without its challenges 🛰️. In my new poem, 'Where Trees Speak and Signals Fade,' I share my journey of embracing nature's beauty 🌻 while grappling with the frustrations of poor internet and mobile network connectivity 📶❌. Join me in exploring the struggles of running a business from home 💼🏠, the longing for a better, reliable internet connection 🌐, and the hope for a future where technology and nature coexist in a more balanced way ⚖️. Dive into my reflections on #RuralLife, #WorkFromHome challenges, and my vision for a connected rural haven. I invite you to read my poem 📖.

Where Trees Speak and Signals Fade

Solitary tree standing in the midst of a vibrant yellow rapeseed bloom field.
A lone tree finds its place amidst a sea of golden rapeseed blossoms, symbolising resilience and beauty in isolation.

In a small village nestled by hills, with meadows nearby,

I found my peace where time stood still.

Nature's embrace, so comforting, so wide,

Life is calm in my tranquil countryside.

I left the city, its stress, and its noise,

For cleaner air and life's simple joys.

But one thing troubles this quiet life of mine,

A constant struggle, a daily strife, a challenging line.

No strong or reliable signal to carry my load,

The Internet stumbles on its virtual road.

A business from home, my dream to be flexible and free,

Turns to frustration, a tangled web you see.

Clients await on the other side,

Of a video call that's simply died.

How to explain this digital defeat?

The failure to connect, to talk, and to be heard.

Apologies weigh heavy; they pull me under,

Trust begins to fade.

What would they say, those in bigger towns, cities grand?

With their fast connections and networks, could they understand?

A prime minister, Ofcom, or a man with a plan,

Would they see my situation? Would they lend a hand?

I somehow don't feel they can… or want to…

Even with struggles and technological distress,

Rural life's comfort is something I still profess.

In my heart and mind, the question takes its stand,

Is there hope for balance, a harmony to command?

One day to find, perhaps, in this winding, uncertain land.

But I look forward to a future bright,

Where trees speak, and signals no longer fade from sight.

Where nature's gifts and technology combine,

To create a rural haven, forever mine.

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