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Get to Know Me

I am passionate about mental health

I'm Mario, your friendly online therapist waving hello from the other side of the screen. I'm here to offer a safe and understanding space for adults all over the UK and Europe.
A bit about my professional journey: After a fulfilling stretch in the world of science teaching (yep, I've got a PhD), I took a turn into the healing path of psychotherapy. It’s been a remarkable journey that started with my own personal therapy 8 years ago, a journey so transformative that it propelled me to want to guide others in finding their light. Since earning my stripes with a PGDip in advanced psychotherapy from the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy and diving deep into a 4-year Transactional Analysis training, I launched my practice in 2019. Initially, I met my lovely clients in person, but as of 2023, we’ve gone all-digital, connecting heart-to-heart in the virtual world.
With my background in science and a heart committed to therapy, I bring a blend of analytical and empathic approaches to our sessions, fostering a space where you can rediscover yourself and build the life you dream of. And you can trust you're in safe hands; I'm a proud member of both UKCP and BACP, upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
I currently chat with clients in English, but hey, if you feel more comfortable throwing in a word or two in Lithuanian, Spanish, or Russian, feel free to do so. I'm here to understand you in all the ways you express yourself.
Now, stepping away from the therapy room, I am a nature enthusiast, finding peace while wandering through the woods or tending to my garden. But when the travel bug bites, it's the bustling cities that call my name, offering vibrant breaks from the rural quietude. Lately, I've even been channelling my experiences into poetry, finding joy in crafting verses that echo the whispers of the heart.
Looking forward to meeting you and perhaps sharing a verse or two amidst our journey of growth together.

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Ayesha Siddiqi

"Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger" 

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