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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Here’s everything you need to know about my fees:

Initial Chat (20 mins) - Absolutely Free!

Regular Therapy Sessions

All sessions last for 50 minutes, giving us plenty of time to explore what’s on your mind. They are all hosted online, making it convenient for you to join from the comfort of your space. Here are the details:

  • Monday to Thursday (Daytime Sessions 8 am to 4 pm) - £60 (€70)

  • Monday to Thursday (Evening Sessions 5 pm to 7 pm) - £70 (€80)

  • Friday Sessions (All day 8 am to 5 pm) - £70 (€80)

Special Concessionary Rates

I offer a small number of sessions at a concessionary rate of £40 (for a 50-minute session) to those with a lower income. Feel free to reach out to learn more, but please note that these slots are currently full.

Why is Private Therapy so Expensive?

You might wonder why private therapy carries a notable price tag. Well, it all roots back to the deep well of knowledge, experience, and expertise that a therapist brings to each session.
Becoming a therapist isn't a walk in the park — it involves several years of rigorous training, encompassing a multitude of assessments that one has to pass before blossoming into a qualified practitioner ready to open their own practice.
Not to mention, education in this field doesn't come cheap; it's a substantial investment in terms of both time and finances. And the learning doesn't stop at graduation; therapists often further their skills, perpetually enhancing their toolbox to provide the best support possible. It's a path of continuous growth, driven by a passion to assist others in the most effective and empathic way.
But, despite the costs involved, many therapists, including myself, are drawn to this field with a genuine desire to foster well-being and facilitate healing. So when you invest in private therapy, you're not just paying for a service; you're investing in a rich tapestry of expertise and a heartfelt dedication to promoting mental health.
I hope that provides a little insight into the world behind the therapy sessions. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

What is your cancellation and late policy?

Let's Make the Most of Our Time Together

Cancellations: Life is unpredictable, and sometimes plans change! If you need to cancel your appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours (or two working days) in advance. This grace period allows me to offer your time slot to someone eagerly waiting for a session. Unfortunately, if a cancellation occurs later than this, the full session fee will apply.

Late Arrivals: I understand that sometimes being late is unavoidable. However, to keep everything running smoothly and to respect other clients' schedules, late arrivals will mean a shortened session, ending at the initially agreed-upon time. I appreciate your understanding that the full session fee will still apply, but we'll do our best to make the most of the remaining time, focusing on what's most important to you in that moment.

I'm here to support you every step of the way, and keeping to these guidelines helps ensure a smooth and beneficial experience for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Do you offer face-2-face therapy?

No, I only offer online therapy at the moment.

Ethics and codes of practice

I am registered and subscribe to a code of ethics and good practice laid down by the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am fully insured and supported by regular clinical supervision.


I provide a confidential service. This means that sessions will not be discussed with anyone. There are, however, some exceptions:
I may discuss work with a supervisor to ensure good practice.
I would be required to provide copies of case notes or to appear in person if ordered to do so by a law enforcement.
Any electronic communication, be it text or email, will be with your consent.  You can withdraw consent at any time.

Data Protection

Any records and personal data I maintain about clients is minimal. 
I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and I am GDPR compliant.

Equality commitment

I practice in a non-discriminatory, non-judgemental, way and I am inclusive and respectful of diversity such as gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, culture or sexual orientation.

Do you work with children, adolescents and couples?

No, I only work with individual adult clients.

How many sessions will I need?

Whether you're looking for brief support to navigate a current challenge or desiring a space to delve deep into personal growth over a longer period, I'm here to accompany you at a pace that feels right for you.
Every journey is different, and so is the duration it takes for individuals to feel a change. It might be a matter of weeks for some, while others find benefit in a sustained exploration that spans months or even years.
During our initial chats, we'll take time to gauge the scope of your journey — reflecting on your individual circumstances, the nature of the issues at hand, and your personal preferences. It's a flexible path, designed to suit your unique pace and provide the space you need to evolve.

How to contact you?

If you would like to book an initial session, or require further information, please feel free to email or leave a message on +447845434058 or complete the contact form.

How can I book a session?

To book a session or check my availability please check my booking page. Click the link below:

Do you offer pre-trial therapy?

Unfortunately, I do not offer pre-trial therapy.

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