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Support That Makes a Difference

An Integrative Psychotherapy Approach

Embarking on a journey of self-improvement is a very personal endeavour, and I’m here to tailor a supportive environment just for you. Together, in a secure and welcoming space, we’ll build a relationship grounded in trust, setting the stage for positive changes and growth to flourish.
Having had the privilege to support a rich tapestry of individuals from all walks of life, I've been continually inspired by the resilience and personal growth I’ve witnessed. Whether you’re grappling with anxiety, self-confidence issues, or navigating the nuances of your own identity, know that you’re not alone and I’m here to walk alongside you in your journey.
I find the deep connection between mind and body endlessly fascinating, and I’m keen to explore this rich landscape with you. It’s my belief that nurturing both mental and physical well-being paves the way for a truly harmonious life.
In recent times, I’ve grown increasingly passionate about supporting those feeling the mental strain brought on by climate change. If you find yourself experiencing climate distress, eco-anxiety, or grief, I’m here to help you navigate those complex feelings too.
I look forward to joining you on this path of discovery and growth.


Neurodivergence related support

Image by Wynand van Poortvliet

Childhood trauma and PTSD


Anxiety and worrying


Stress and work related issues


Depression, sadness and low mood


Loneliness and social isolation


Low self esteem

Gay Couple on their Wedding

Sexuality, sexual identity and intimacy

Group Bonding

Cultural identity and issues

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”  

Walt Whitman

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